How I Caught Cookie Monster’s Hand in the Cookie Jar

How I Caught Cookie Monster's Hand in the Cookie Jar

If you have kids, I’m sure you will relate to my story.

If you don’t have kids, I’m sure you can still relate but from a cookie monster’s view! LOL!

The other day I wanted to have one of my famous chocolate chips and oat cookie. I always make about 2 dozens, in case. So I naively thought that I would have some left after I baked them the day before…guess what?

Of course there was none left for me. I sighted with despair. What can I do? My 3 cookie monsters (yes my 2 kids and my hubby) love my cookies. I should’ve been proud but I had that empty feeling of always having to cook on a continual basis to feed the beasts.

I’m sure the moms can relate.

But I decided totwist my mind to a more positive focus and think about my reaction from a business and accomplishment perspective.

OK let’s say you create a great ebook, or you have a great coaching program and you have made them brain filling (or nutritive cookies) and valuable for your customers. What you need now is to attract your customers by making your product smell like chocolate chips cookies. That’s the promotion or marketing part of your product.

How can you make your product yummy for your clients?

That’s the art of marketing and you can earn it by being coached by 7 Figure Entrepreneurs and learn their Secrets To Online Profit. Right now it’s $1 to start.

Is that easy enough for you? Easy as making cookies!


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