How to be Consistent…Like a Stew!

How to be consistent

As you may know, I live in the National Capital Region in Canada, Ottawa-Gatineau and I’m French. I was actually born in France and my parents immigrated to Canada when I was 1 year and a half. So I feel truly Canadian.

I worked for the Federal Government for 26 years and, since Canada has 2 official languages, English and French, I had colleagues who were either francophones or anglophones (as we say in Canada). The Government was strong on having many of his civil servants in the NCR bilingual so, most of the time, I was the guinea pig for my anglophones colleagues.  Meaning, they were testing their French on me!

And one of the fun mistake was using “consistent” in French but mean it the English way. What is the difference you ask?

“Consistant” in French (with an “a”) means substantial, complete. We often use it in the kitchen to talk about a meal, let’s say a stew, being a “consistant” meal, a substantial, a complete meal. In French, the English word “consistent”(with an “e”) is translated by “constant”…and that can give another language confusion….

So why am I talking about this?

Because, when I started working on my business, one of the things that my mentor Ola was telling us, the partners (actually, he still tells us that) is to be consistent in our business.

And now, that word for me has the two languages meaning and it is really appropriate. Be consistent and be substantial and complete.

If you want to build a successful business…

One of the keys is to be consistent. What do I mean by that? It means that you are ALL IN with your business. You may be doing it part-time or full-time but when you are working on your business, you are COMPLETELY invested in it.

You may think that it is easy, but if it was that easy, everybody would do it and everybody would have a successful business.

So why is it so hard?

As Ola my mentor would say:

Consistency is hard in business because it is boring.

Being consistent, being all-in, in business is hard because people have difficulty to stay focussed on their business for many months, many years.

At the beginning, it is all fun and exciting. You may get fast results and than, you start relaxing, taking it loosely and eventually, you detach yourself from your business. That is the most common mistake people do…

You have to learn that you are an entrepreneur and that there will be ups and downs with your business. You have to learn that being in business, is being in a journey, not a goal to reach.

That’s why so many people fail as being entrepreneurs and having a successful business.

How to stay consistent?

I have different tools and tricks that keep me consistent in my business. I will give you some.

Automatic systems:

I have an automatic system that help me with building my list (lead generation system).

I also have an auto-responder to send emails to my list of customers.

A Daily To-Do List:

This is one of the important tool I have. It helps me stay focussed on my business when I work on it. Actually, I block 1 to 2 hours everyday to work full-time on my business. The daily to-do list helps me with the tasks I have to accomplish during that time. It is mainly about writing emails and blog posts. It also includes reading chapters of a selection of business books that I have. Reading helps me find inspiration for my emails and blogs posts. So the to-do list is vital for me.

A General To-Do List:

This to-do list is different from the daily one as it is mainly focussed more on long-term tasks and projects (mostly on a monthly basis). I include there some of the training I attend on webcast, developing lead generation strategies, spend time with my partners discussing about some of the new stuff we learned about, developing coaching and mentoring material, etc…so I always devote 2-3 hours per week on those more long-term tasks.

Stay focussed

Those tools above help me stay focussed on my business. They are examples of things you can do to ensure the success of your entrepreneurship journey.

For me they are like the daily workouts I do at the gym. They are now part of my routine and I can’t see a day without working on them.

So you want to have a successful routine?

The only advice I have is do what you love and you will find it rejuvenating not routine.

I hope you find your journey as I found mine.



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