How To Enjoy The Long Week-End

How To Enjoy The Long Week-End

In a few hours starts the Labour Day long week-end.

I know that many of us are already in a back to school mind but I’m sure we can take the next 72 hours to a vacation and enjoy ourselves with family and friends.

We deserve a vacation and the whole point of vacation is to take a break from your business, not to have thoughts and messages from work while visiting Old Montreal or taking scuba diving lesssons in Wakefield.

Leave the laptop behind, don’t check voicemail, and don’t call the office. Automate your business and outsource tasks that can’t be automated. In this automated age, it is so easy to put your business on auto pilot while you enjoy yourself. If you don’t believe me, read The Four Hour Work Week from Timothy Ferriss.

Remember, taking vacation is your time to put yourself first, renew your spirit and enjoy time with your family!

Enjoy the long week-end


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