How To Get Rid Of Free Riders in Your Business?

How To Get Rid Of Free Riders in Business?

I’m sure you hate those free riders…

Yesterday, I was chatting with someone on FB who had an issue with a customer. The customer had bought this fellow’s online course and was telling him how much he liked it, how valuable it was, but as he was half-way through the course, he wanted to be reimbursed.

Why did he want that? Because he changed the focus of his business in the meantime. So this customer said that the course was not pertinent for him anymore….

Hello! Anybody home? Really?!?

You buy a course, you like it and you surely use the info from it, and now you want a reimbursement after you took what you wanted from it?


I can’t believe it!

And on top, the entrepreneur who sold him the course, was saying that the customer is a nice guy, but a pain in the b..t! No joke! He was defending him…

I told my fellow entrepreneur that if he has a clear refund policy, he should just wave it to the customer and say no refund…and remember the 80-20 rule….which, in this case applies to:

Don’t spend 80% of your time with 20% of your bad clients.

And you know what, my fellow entrepreneur sent the customer an email telling him just that:

No refund, please look at the refund policy sent with the course and here’s an extra copy!

Good man!

So how to ensure that you don’t encounter free riders like that? Have a good refund policy and include it with the products you sell!

Point final!


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