How To Survive A Game Of Thrones Marathon


How To Survive A Game Of Thrones Marathon

OK I admit. I’m late in the Game…of Thrones!

I havemany  friends who watched Game of Thrones tens of times and I’m just starting watching it. It’s surprising since I love scifi, mythical and historical type of movies and series…I guess I just didn’t want to watch one season and wait impatiently for the next…which is what I’m doing with the Marvel movies…It’s pure torture!

So I decided that this summer is my GOT summer. I’m watching the full 6 seasons…I’m finishing season 2 right now and already ordered the 3rd season.

And you know what? It’s hard to wait for the next episode…I wished I would be able to just stop doing everything else I do and watch the serie for the next week non stop.

But I can’t and I won’t. My family would hate me…my business would be ok since it’s set up to be automated and it runs by itself.

Can I automate my family? LOL!! Of course not…but I can’t wait to finish my GOT marathon!


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