I Have to Wait for Everything to be Perfect

I Have to Wait for Everything to be Perfect

I am sure that you know people who think they can’t do anything until everything is perfect (maybe you are one of those persons).  My question is why wait for everything to be perfect?

If you wait for that, you will barely accomplish 20% of your potential! And you know I’m right!

Why do I say 20%?

I have a story about this. When I was an advisor for the Canadian government, I was lucky to have a director who taught me something really important:

Patricia, he said, you will spend 20% of your time writing a note that is 80% perfect…You will then spend 80% of your time trying to make up for the 20% that is not perfect, in the hope that it becomes 100% perfect.  Don’t waste your time trying to make your note 100% perfect!

One of the best lessons I learned! and I apply it to the way I approach life too! I can tell you that have been active in life and that my notes, presentations, projects, etc…were always praised even though they were not 100% perfect for me!

So don’t wait for the perfect time, moment, project, paper, etc. to accomplish whatever you want in life. ACT NOW!

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses…The gift is yours—it is an amazing journey—and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.” Bob Moawad

Below I am giving you 25 excuses people make so they don’t accomplish their dreams. Enjoy them! Maybe that will make you overcome some of your fears to act.

25 Excuses people make so they don’t accomplish their dreams

Excuses About Time

1. I’m too busy to do what I love.
2. I don’t have time to discover what I’m passionate about.
3. I’ve already put a lot of time into a different path.
4. I’ll do it—someday.
5. It’s too late for me now.

Excuses About Money

6. I don’t have the money to get started.
7. I need to continue earning exactly what I earn now.
8. I can’t make any changes until I pay off my debt.
9. I need a bigger safety net before I take a risk.
10. What if I can’t make any money at it?

Excuses About Knowledge

11. I don’t know where to start.
12. I don’t know enough to start.
13. I’m not smart enough to succeed.
14. I don’t know if I can make it.
15. I’m not an expert.

Excuses About Other People

16. My friends and family don’t think I can do this.
17. My friends and family don’t think I should do this.
18. I need to focus on the people who need me.
19. I don’t have anyone to do this with.
20. It’s all about who you know—and I don’t know the right people.

Excuses About Probability

21. Things likely wouldn’t pan out.
22. Many people have tried to do this and failed.
23. I’ll probably be scared and uncomfortable if I try.
24. I’m not sure if this is the “right” decision.
25. There aren’t any guarantees.

And one more excuse I didn’t include: I’m not good enough. We’ve all thought this at one time or another. Especially in our socially connected world where we have constant reminders of everyone else’s achievements, it’s easy to feel we don’t stack up.

But maybe we don’t have to. Maybe we don’t need to be better than anyone else, or even better than we are now to make a difference.

Maybe the world needs us exactly as we are, with our unique blend of skills, talent, and potential. Maybe the difference we make isn’t just about where we end up, but also how we learn, grow, and share on the way there.

Sure, our gifts and accomplishments can make the world a better place, but what we really want and need is to be inspired—and what’s more inspiring than starting right where you are, believing in yourself, and taking a leap of faith?

When we’re feeling overwhelmed, it can seem like dreams are luxuries, but they’re not reserved for the chosen few. They’re reserved for people who choose to believe in them and act on it.

To do that, we need to stop telling ourselves the story of why we can’t, and start creating the story of how we can.


Think about it!


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