I Repeat…Listen…I Repeat…Listen To Me!

I Repeat...Listen...I Repeat...Listen To Me!

That was the argument I had with my daughter.

Parents can sure relate…My daughter told me the other day to stop repeating because it annoys her. So I told her that I was tired that she complains about me repeating! That knocked her down!

She didn’t expect me to respond to her like that. Any parent will sure relate to what I’ve been living for the last 20 years almost:

Say something, wait until there’s a reaction, no reaction, repeat, listen, repeat!

On top of that, with my son being autistic, my husband and I have been told by specialists to repeat and repeat and repeat the same sentences until our son would remember the sentences. That’s his way of learning, by listening.

So my family is champion for repeating!

That’s actually good for a business. How come?

Because the most important thing in business, and in network marketing, apart from taking action to get your dream life, is consistency.

Repeating and consistency are quite similar. So I’m a master at repeating and at being consistent.

To my daughter’s despair! and, in the meantine, my son is improving his language skills! Can’t please everybody! We just explain the importance of repeating to my daughter for our son…

and I know the importance of consistency in network marketing. If I’m not promoting on a daily basis, my business would be failing. By promoting (even if my promotional activities are automated) via blog, email, FB, IG, I ensure that I’m serious in my business, that I’m here for my customers and that I care about them. That’s the importance of consistency. It’s the life of your business.

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