I Started My Business Last Week And I’m Not Millionaire Yet…This Is A Scam!

I Started My Business Last Week And I'm Not Millionaire Yet...This Is A Scam!

I saw that post this week and laugh out loud!

When some gooroo tells you you will be millionaire right away if you join his business….Well, the gooroo is the scam. Not network marketing.

If Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and many others are now investing in network marketing it’s because this is not scam. It’s actually working…but you actually have to work for it and you have to be smart about it.

It’s like any other business. You have to put efforts in it at the beginning and build up your business.

The great part about a network marketing business is that at one point you are able to automate most of your functions and have free time to enjoy your life with your family and other projects.

That’s the beauty….but you still need to work it out before and find partners, mentors and coaches to help you move to automation and extract yourself from your business while it works alone.

But…if like my subject line you want a miracle to happen, you can wait for a long time.


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