I Want to Enlighten Your Saturday

I Want to Enlighten Your Saturday

Today I feel like entlightening your day.

You know something that will make you smile…with envy…at least that’s what I hope since it’s about food! My love for food!

I’ve been on a trip to Cuba a few months ago to escape the cold Canadian winter. We are called the snow birds when we do that. Anyway, going to Cuba with the only thing in mind is to sleep and get red like a lobster (don’t worry, I put cream 30+)…and I almost did only that, until I decided that I had enough of the hotel food.

You know food in Cuba resorts is not that great – It reminds me of my childhood when my mom was cooking based on her childhood (border of France and Germany). So at the resort’s all you can eat…you can eat canned artichokes, canned white asparagus, canned mixed vegetables, all that in a kind of mayo and Dijon mustard.

It’s Heaven! Joking here! It’s Hell! My childhood’s food made it’s way to Cuba.

So after 2 days, I had enough. After convincing the hubby (not too difficult), we decided to requisition a cab and we begged the cab driver for real Cuban food.

After 45 minutes of driving, including a guided tour, we crashed in a Cuban restaurant. That was Heaven! No No, That was HEAVEN!

You know I love food and this was just the feast I was looking for. Langoustine, chicken, beef, lamb, all charcoaled! Plus the plantain, the beans and the Cuban rice. I tell you…HEAVEN!

There was so much food that we told the taxi driver (we had invited him to share our lunch) to take the rest of the food for him and his family. His eyes told us so much more than his words of thankfulness…My heart was so light despite my full stomach!

After that, the only thing I wanted to do was going back to the resort and sleep again on the beach!

Back to the unreal world of real resort tourism…not my ordinary cup of tea but not bad to do once in awhile.

Happy Saturday to you all!


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