I Want to Live My Passion

I Want to Live My Passion
As promised yesterday, let’s talk about how to build a business based on your passion. Here we go! Enjoy!

Here are some steps you can use:

1 – Define your passion
Determine if there is a need on the market for this.

If your passion is to take care of small animals, how can you transform it into a business? You will need to do some research about it and see if there is a niche you would like to exploit.

2 – Do you have the skills to do it alone? Or will you need professional help?
Consider outsourcing, coaching or mentoring if this is your first attempt and if you want to be successful.

Having a coach or a mentor is vital to your success. Remember that you cannot do everything alone, otherwise you will be exhausted. However, you always have to remember that you are in control of your business, not everybody else but you.

3 – Are you ready to treat your passion as a business?
You will probably work harder than in any previous jobs.

Being an entrepreneur, is a really full-time work. You are always thinking of your business, how to improve, how to solve issues, how to be more lucrative, how to make partnerships, etc…You need to get the picture that it is like your baby, so you need to think and work on it all the time…but thast’s no issue when you’re passionate about it.

4 – Start today!
Not tomorrow, next week, next year or whenever you’ll feel ready.

START NOW! You don’t need to be 100% ready to start. One of the key is that you will learn everyday so don’t wait until you think you are ready, otherwise, you will NEVER START…and that will be your loss.

5 – Get the online backbone of your business ready.
Create a  “You Inc” blog or website and set up your social media accounts.

This is really important in today’s age where everything is on the internet. Just think of Walmart, Amazon, any coffee shops such as Starbucks.  You get the picture. It’s not enough to be physically open, you need to be virtually open…or you’ll die!

6 – Plan
Prepare a business / marketing plan and organize your actions for each day of the week.

This will keep your focus on your business.

7 – Become THE expert within your community
Become the go-to person for that specific matter, both online and offline.

This is another imperative action…and the best way to do this is to learn and share with your clientele (and future clients).

8 – Work on your personal brand everyday
Learn about branding and concentrate on traffic generation activities, word of mouth, recommendations, etc…

People deal with people. People have to know you, talk to you and trust you. That’s how to ensure perennity of your business.

9 – Test
Perform regular assessments/reviews and make necessary adjustments to your business.

This is an important activity as you HAVE TO ALWAYS BE THE FLAVOUR OF THE DAY. You don’t want someone else to take over your business because you sat there and let your business become obsolete.

10 – Celebrate every success
Every success, small or big, is important to be celebrated. It gives you that kick to continue.


The #1 secret to being successful online with your own business is to be passionate about it.

If you’re doing your business just for the money, you will get bored very easily and will lose interest when money is not coming fast enough to your liking. Whereas, if you do it with passion, money will be rolling in, and you will be successful before you know it!

Live your passion!

You’ve probably heard this hundred times but it cannot be more accurate when it comes to being your own boss and running an online business around the world.

My second secret is actually much linked to the first one and it is to treat your passion as a business.  You need the right mindset to become an online entrepreneur and often it is not something that comes naturally.

If for instance, creative writing, practising yoga or horse-riding  is your passion, and you decide to create a business around this, you will need to treat it as business, which means showing up every day, taking responsibilities and being accountable for your actions as any business owner would be.

Do you need inspiration to turn your passion into a business? Contact me.

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