I will Always Worry About You. I Like Poison

I will Always Worry About You. I Like Poison

My mom has been saying for many years:

“I will always worry about you”

For some reasons, mothers always worry for their kids even if they are 50 like me. Most be an instinct thing.

Our faculty to worry can be a poison to our life.

It’s good to worry but we have to put some limits…because, at one point, our kids are grown ups and they have to live their life.

I also find that worrying too much like my mom makes her think about negative stuff!


That’s bad for anybody’s life!!!

I believe that we should have confidence in our kids and show them the positive in life. We can only help them get a good life for themselves by showing them the positive in every situation.

Got to love your kids positively all our life long.


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