I Work For The Kids’ Future

I Work For The Kids' Future

Yesterday, I was listening on the radio to an interview of a great classical performer.

This man has been playing the piano for the last 50 years and he started at 4. Like many great artists, he loves what he’s doing and would not see himself doing something else. It’s his passion.

However, as he mentioned himself, he loves history, litterature and politics as well. On the politics side, like most of the people in the world, he’s just amazed that the politicians are not focused on making sure that their people live a better life.

As he says: “Because the politicians forget about us the people, I always ensure that I get involved in two important arena for me, education and culture. And I target the kids, because they are our future.”

“If the kids have better education and are more culturally aware of the world’s diversity, they will and we will have a better world and a better life.”

Kids are our most precious asset and we have to give them the best so they become better adults. Adults with great awareness of the importance of the world, the communities and the people.

Believe in our kids!


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