I’m Not For Sale

I'm not for sale

I had an interesting conversation this week-end about branding.

This person was telling me how important it is to brand myself, to have everybody knowing who I am and why I’m so much better than any one else, yada yada yada.

So unfortunately for this network marketer, this conversation turned me off!


Because I felt she was talking about me like she would be talking about a piece of meat!

I’m not a merchandise…I’m not for sale.

I’m not here to convince anybody to do things they don’t want to do…actually, I’m not on this Earth to try to convince anybody…except me.

Hear me out, what you do with your life is, well, is your life…and I don’t pretend to control your life.

I have enough trying to live a good life myself.

So if someone wants you to change to be someone you don’t want to, just don’t listen to that person.


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