Is Your Dentist Pulling Your Wrong Tooth?

Is Your Dentist Pulling Your Wrong Tooth?

I went to the dentist today…

I love my dentist. You know he’s specialized in telling you stories that you wished you could answer, but with your mouth wide open…it’s impossible!

You know he talks about politics and expect you to comment but…you just can’t!

That reminds me of some gurus who go on and on and on about their business and yet, you want to ask them a question and they just never give you time to ask any question…or if they let you ask the question, they don’t answer it, they try to sell you to their business.

With those gurus, I always have the feeling that I’m getting skewed…I may be naive but at one point, I like to know where I invest my money into and the type of resources and results I will get from my investment.

That’s just me.

If they can’t tell me what the real stuff is, why should I invest in them?

I had some bad experiences and that thaught me to spot them. I now have pre-set questions before I embark with someone and they have to respond to them, otherwise, huh, huh! Not for me.

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