It’s Official! The World is Crazy Nuts!

It's Official! The World is Crazy Nuts!

Today is Easter and it’s a white Easter!

What’s the problem?

I wouldn’t say that’s much of a problem, except that we had a green Christmas. We had 20C (68F) on Christmas Eve. People were actually eating out on terraces that day!

I’m telling you…the world is going crazy nuts!

Kids were out playing soccer on Christmas eve and they are making snowmen on Easter. Should I be worried or just laugh and ignore?

Not sure what to think anymore.

Just hope that I’m not the only one thinking that this is not normal.

This is El Nino and Global Warming in action. That was my ranting and warning for the day. Not much more to say when you see the facts…

On a lighter note, I hope that you and your family enjoy Easter and, if you are like my son, the egg hunt is always a blast!

Happy Easter!

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