It’s Potholes Season and They are Free!

It's Potholes Season and They are Free!

Every year when it’s close to spring, we have this new event…

Potholes season…this is the fifth season in my city and we have to slalom on the streets to avoid those big holes that can destroy your car.

I wished someone would invent a new asphalt that would not be sensitive to our famous alternations between freezing days and spring days. We have that every year in March…so maybe that someone should invent this new asphalt. I’m sure they would be millionnaires really fast, maybe even billionnaires…It’s nice to dream like this.

Or maybe not, since this new street coating would probably be more expensive to buy up front…but we would save in maintenance since we would not have to fill up the holes every day, every week. Just in my city, there are normally over 50,000 potholes every year. Yes that’s right. Plus car drivers would love it. No more zigzags and slaloms on the streets…almost hitting cars coming on the other side of the street.

I guess cities don’t see asphalt as an investment…more like a necessity with big maintenance costs.

Can you relate to this? Are you stuck with potholes in your business?

Cheap products that are really expensive to maintain and don’t do the job?

I can think of some that I encountered at the beginning of my  network marketing journey when I was blindely following some gurus…but I learned and I can spot great and necessary products for my business.

To be able to identify them, I needed to understand better what I wanted out of my business. That comes with experience, skills and great coaches and mentors.

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