Laugh Out Loud To Stupid Emails

Laugh Out Loud To Stupid Emails

I got two stupid emails today from the same person. I always laugh out loud when I get what I call stupid responses to my emails.

What are stupid emails for me?

Mostly the ones that are asking me out or sexually explicit. Why do I laugh about them?

Because the people writing them are expecting me to block them (actually, they mostly go to my spam box) or to respond to them as if I was offuscated.

Maybe I was offuscated at once but you know, at my age, you laugh at those phishing type of emails. They are only worth that, a laugh. And I prefer to laugh than to be indifferent.

Being indifferent means not feeling anything anymore for me. I still want to have that sense of humour that has been my mark for so many years.

And that’s the key to my success in life. I love laughing and I want to continue laughing for the rest of my life.

As for the poor souls writing me those emails, well I hope they enjoyed writing them!

Now back to business.


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