Leave It To The Jobber To Always Complain

Leave It To The Jobber To Always Complain

This week-end I was enjoying some great fall nature with the family. The leaves are so colourful at this time of the year, it’s like a live painting.

We were not the only ones enjoying the show but at one point I was wondering…

Many people were not looking at the scenery but were talking and complaining about their job, their colleagues, their lives.

There were those two women who were specially loud and angry that I couldn’t resist listening to them. Was not snooping, they were so loud! LOL!

Woman in red: I’m so tired of doing everything at work! Because X and Y don’t do their job, I’m stuck doing theirs plus mine. I have little time to go to the washroom once a day, forget about breaks and eating!

Woman in blue: I understand you so well! Same thing is happening to me. Plus, when I give a report to management, they sit on it for months and I can’t deliver on time. Just fed up!

I started laughing! Why? Because that was me for 26 years. 26 years of hard work, with no recognition and not even a goodbye when I left.

It took me 1 year to finally realize that I’ve been brainwashed. Yes brainwashed to not take too many initiatives, or only the ones that would suit management’s goals.

Yes 1 year to realize that I could finally be proactive and do my own projects without the hammer close by. I now know that when I do consult with people about my projects, I’m the one who has control over the final decision!

Take control of your life! You’re worth it!

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