Life is Like a Camera!


I have to admit, I posted a couple of days ago on Instagram a quote I really liked and that is inspiring to me:

Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out…just take another shot.

I don’t know who it is from but it is a nice way to advance in our journey. Don’t you think?

I’m turning 50 soon and I never thought that I would reach that day…as probably many of you, I had many ups and downs in my life but there’s always been a constant for me, I always thought that, even in bad times, things would always get better and that I would learn something important from each difficult situations I had in life.

When I was a teenager and a young adult, I had some difficulties to trust that everything would be better soon but, you know what, it did!

It’s called experience

Believe it or not, it’s called experience…and I see still today myself as being a growing up adult who needs to learn everyday of her life!

Actually, my husband and I raised our two kids on the belief that they would learn from their mistakes and from their experiences.

And you know what? As teenager and young adult, they are thanking us for making them strong. They don’t see each obstacle they encounter as a big mountain. They always see the obstacle as a new challenge.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, my kids, like I, have a more positive way to look at the world than their friends. And that’s precious!

In business…

In business, it is important to learn from mistakes, from difficult situations, from experience.

The only norm in life, and in business, is that nothing is static, everything change, and you have to adapt to new rules everyday.

That’s why you have to be ready for change and ready to adapt to the changes.┬áIt is the only way to live as an entrepreneur and to build a successful business.

Your capacity to adapt to different situations will be a big part of your success.

Hear me out

Here I’m not talking about changing everyday to the new flavour of the day…I’m talking about building your business; having a strong vision about your business; having the right tools and great partners. Surround yourself with winners.

Build your business with your vision in mind and don’t be blinded by too good to be true “opportunities”.

Acknowledge that there are changes, some good for your business, some that are just smoke and mirrors.

You need to have a good feel of those “opportunities”. Are they good for you? are they giving you an advantage? are they worth the risk? what’s in it for me? Are they in line with the mission of my business?

Those are questions that you have to ask before jumping on any and all new gizmo.

You have to be strong

Being an entrepreneur with a positive attitude is a plus and it is important to stay focus on your business mission. Yesterday, I mentioned that being in business is boring…remember that you are your only master and that you will have good days and not so good days. Be ready and strong when you’ll encounter those days.

But you can’t do that alone

I learned over the years that the best way to fail is to do everything alone.

I since learned that I have to surround myself with great people. And when I mean great people, I mean people that will make me grow, people that will make me learn, people that I have total confidence in their skills.

Having a team of people that is focussed on the same mission as you, is important and reassuring for your business.

Attitude is a great part in any success

And this is important. You will always accomplish more with a positive attitude…and if you fail, learn from it, get back on your feet and start again…until you succeed.

Remember, as Einstein said:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So learn from your experiences and succeed!




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