Live And Learn, I’m Definitely Not Who You Think I Am

Live And Learn, I'm Definitely Not Who You Think I Am

You know what I hate most?

When people tell me they know me and they haven’t even met me!

I receive many emails and comments on social networks from people who are saying that I’m so lucky to be able to live my life but that they don’t have my courage and they are afraid of moving forward.


I worked hard to get where I am now and I lived many situations and disappointments in my life…but I managed to move forward anyway.

And yes I had times when I was just crying over my unfair life. There was times when I wanted to quit everything and leave to a far far away country. I admit.

But you know what?

I remember a certain April of 1991. I was 25. I had problems with work, family and love life. I decided to leave on vacation hoping that all my problems would disappear once I returned.

While I was on vacation, I met a really nice lady and her son. We spoke about casual stuff on the first day and you know what, on the 2nd day, she realized that I was sleeping late, she kept me a beach chair. I was so thankful that she did that. I realized that there are always good people in the world and they always show up in my life when I need them.

On my return, of course nothing had change but I was in a positive mood and, you know what, I decided to take the bull by the hornes and I handled all the issues I had.

I felt so much better after that.

I decided after that, that I would never try to escape issues and problems but I would confront them, alone or with help.

And you know what?

My life had ups and downs and downs and downs but I confronted the downs.

I am stronger because of that. ┬áSo don’t tell me I’m lucky, don’t tell me you know me.

Tell me “Enjoy your life Patricia”

And I’ll tell you…Enjoy your life too, and learn!


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