What I Love To Hate And Hate To Love

What I Love To Hate And Hate To Love

Difficult to answer…

I was asked the other day by a panel what I love and what I hate in my life.

Mmmm, you know I like to be surprising and original but to be truthfull, do we want to be original when we’re asked that question or to be honest with ourselves?

Because I can be original…I love making love in the african bushes of Tanzania or I hate eating red caviar, that’s just not real caviar.

When the truth is much simpler and boring in fact.  I love my freedom, my family, my friends, my projects.  I hate incompetence, intolerance and unfairness.

You see, I believe that we keep things simple in life. People have a way to complicate their life for no reason…or maybe there’s a reason, maybe they are bored and they need some excitement and stress to think that they are alive…and complicating things help them believe that they are important.

My way about this is keep things simple in every aspect of your life, personal or business, and you’ll have a better life.

Simple life keeps you happier and more productive. Enjoy!


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