Machines Just Can’t Add…Beware of Your Security

Machines Just Can't Add...Beware of Your Security

I was watching the news this week and there was that crazy story.

I don’t know if you saw it but there was a man who left an airport from France to go to Morocco. Nothing special here. When he arrived at the Fez airport the man was arrested with knives, machetes, and a bottle of propane in his checked luggage.

Crazy I tell you! Why wasn’t he stopped at the French airport?

You want to know the reason – It’s scary and you will be afraid from now on, I tell you.

The reason is that machines don’t count risk. Let me explain:

The guy checked in his luggage and the luggage was scanned by a machine. The machine sees one knife, one knife, one knife, one machete, one machete, one propane tank and the algorythm says OK. Why is that?

One knife is legal, one knife is legal, one knife is legal, one machete is legal, one machete is legal, one bbq gaz propane is legal. The machine says nothing’s wrong here! The issue is that if the scan machine had an algorythm that was allowing it to add up those things, maybe there should’ve been a red flag somewhere!

Can someone tell those people that machines don’t have imagination!

Luckily, (euh, maybe not – I’m glad I was not on board that airplane) since this guy was on a warning kindda black list in France, the airplane company let him in the plane, called the French authorities who called the Moroccan authorities and this man is now in jail.

So if you hope that machines will increase your security, think twice.

On the same token, but a little twisted, I aknowledge, if you think that machines can replace human beings in business, think twice. Machines can ease your life but you need human interactions. It’s vital for your business security and perenity.

Remember, you can automate your business but a business is always based on human relationships. When you automate your business, never forget that you are dealing with people, not other machines. People will make you successful, not machines.

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