Michael Force’s New Baby Has Arrived

Michael Force's New Baby Has Arrived

On Friday, I got a message from my mentor Ola.

He was really excited and wanted to talk to me and the 4 other partners ASAP!

After few phone calls, we were all there and he made the big announcement:

Michael Force’s New Baby has arrived!

Euh?!? What do you mean Ola?

I mean Michael just launch his new network marketing business! And it will bring network marketing to a new level!

Isn’t that exciting?

Who is Micael Force again? Come on…Michael Force is a father, husband and retired U.S. Marine. He was a founding member of PRO and has been one of the top 3 earners here since day one. Michael’s commitment to cultivating leadership has resulted in the largest team in the PRO community, reflecting his endless dedication and commitment to helping others.

So Michael is now launching a new business that will help entrepreneurs, new and veteran, to realize their dream of being 6-7 figure earners.

What is special about his new business? There will be a coach assigned to the members who will help the member to have a really successful business.

So Partners, said Ola, are you in?

Of course I am. I can’t wait to start the coaching…and you, are you in?

Here’s the NEW ASPIRE Business System. Be coached by 7 Figure Entrepreneurs and learn their Secrets To Online Profit.


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