Most Valuable Player

Most Valuable Player

Have you heard about the Cinderella story that happened this week-end?

On Sunday, John Scott, a hockey player, was elected most valuable player of the 2016 NHL All-Star Game where he scored 2 goals!

OK Patricia, what’s so special about this?

What’s so special about John Scott? He is not the typical All-Star player…more like a goon, recognized for his fists not his goals (he had 5 goals in the NHL in 8 years)…and to add to it, he was traded to the Montreal Canadians by the Arizona Coyotes a couple of weeks ago.  So he was not part of the Pacific Section anymore. And to add one layer, he was sent to the Canadians’ minor league team…he’s not an NHL player anymore!

But you see, John was selected by popular vote, to be part of the 2016 NHL All-Star Game. Plus, the voters elected him captain of the Pacific section team. Cool hey! Not at the beginning…

NHL heads wanted him out of the game. They told John not to show up to Nashville where the game was. John was basically in agreement with them but something happened.

Someone asked him what his daughters would think of his decision not to attend the game.  That made him think. John loves his daughters and, as a father, he wants to be a good example for them.  So you know what he did?

He decided to go to the game and enjoy the time spent there with the other players and his family. He decided that he was going to have fun, no matter what!

The rest is history! He scored 2 goals, his team won the $1 million and he won the most valuable player of the game, which granted him a brand new car! Not bad for a goon!

To add more to the story, he was not one of the 3 players that the NHL heads wanted people to vote for as MVP. But the fans were yelling MVP everytime he was on the ice! So the League listened to the fans!

I just love this story! It tells me that no matter what is against us and how many obstacles we have to overcome, with RESILIENCE and the RIGHT ATTITUDE, we can move mountains!

John, enjoy your time!



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