My BizBiz Mentor Knocked Me Out With This Simple Truth

My BizBiz Mentor Knocked Me Out With This Simple Truth

One of my mentors, Ola, posted this on FB over the week-end:

“If you want to be an entrepreneur because you want free time, you are a laughing matter. What you should want is an opportunity to work your ass off and enjoy every bit of it.”  Ola

Always good to be reminded of simple truth in business, and in life, as a matter of fact.

And silly me I thought that I could just do nothing and expect a miracle! You know lay down in my bed and have servants doing everything for me! LOL!

Actually, thinking about it, that would be fine for about a day or two…then I would get boring and want to get up, move my ass and do something, anything…or I would go crazy!!!

Are you the same way?

Where Ola’s post is an important reminder is that it is much more rewarding to do something you love than doing something you are forced to do to survive.

So that could be being a teacher, being a marketer, being a chef (I’m just hungry right now – please bring me food genie!), or being an entrepreneur, etc.

You want to build something that you love, something that is your purpose in life. That’s being happy in life.

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