My Favourite Restaurant Closed! Another One!

My Favourite Restaurant Closed! Another One!

My favourite restaurant closed earlier this month and now I have to find another one!

Does that happen to you too? It seems that restaurants are closing faster than ever! I wonder why?

My fav was always jammed packed and we had to wait weeks to get a table. So popularity is not an issue here.

I was talking to a friend who works in the catering business and, I was shocked to hear that her business is for sale! She said that after 10 years, she has enough of the long hours, the dealings with her staff and suppliers and some difficult clients. She wants a break. That I understand well.

My friend mentioned that the life of most businesses is less than 5 years. Imagine! and she said that most of the time, money and lack of clients is not the issue, it’s the time invested in running the business that burns out people. Most physical businesses nowadays are open 7 days a week for sometimes up to 12 hours. That is a lot of time spent outside of home.

So my friend’s life as a business owner was even worst than my life as a worker. You know spending 8 hours at work, excluding the lunch time, so that’s an extra hour taken from me. Commuting would take up almost 2 hours per day and that excluded the time to go to school for the kids morning and night…

and then there’s the grocery shopping, making dinner, help with the kids homework, go to their piano lessons, prepare for the next day, etc… I now know why I was exhausted for over 20 years!

We live in a crazy world!

I’m glad I’m out of it now. It’s been 8 months today since I left my job and retired to start another way of life. A more fulfilling life.

And I don’t regret it one second of my life…but now I have to find another best restaurant!


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