My Hairdresser Told Me…Like it or Not, Business is Like a 10k Run

My Hairdresser Told Me...Like it or Not, Business is Like a 10k Run

My hairdresser is a friend. Yes that’s true.

Come on! Isn’t your hairdresser your friend? Has to be because your good looking depends on her (or him)! Trust me always good to have your hairdresser on your side…you are then confident of the results.

Last week I called my hairdresser for an emergency cut…I always have those emergencies…you know when you wake up in the morning and, crap! really! Do I look like this? Emergency call!! and¬†Domdom, my hairdresser always takes me in a flash! Thank God!

OK, back to the topic…

Domdom is a runner. I’m a fast walker (6km per hour – not bad)…And Domdom was saying last week that she ran her first 10km of the year the week-end before. She told me how the first part of a run is the most difficult part. For a 10km run, the first 3-4km are often so painful but when you resist and you continue your run, the rest is just a blast because your body gets use to the pain and there’s actually no pain at all but only enjoyment of making this great effort.

You know, as the owner of her shop, she told me that it is the same way when you start a business, or when you change something in you business. She just moved to another part of the city one month ago…so between the relocation and the clients and the suppliers and the bank, etc…the pain is there for a bit, like a 10km run!

But it is worthed as she is now in a bigger place, with more new clients already coming in, and she didn’t loose any of her old clientele. So bonus for her. She told me that it’s always good to leave your comfort zone to move ahead and get better, in running and in business.

Hum…Great new perspective! Never thought that a 10km run was the same as starting a business. For me, the business is easier to handle, not as painful! LOL!

Time for you to embark in the new run…

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