My New Year’s Resolutions

my new year resolutions

I know, I know!

Patricia, why are you getting into that crap that nobody actually do anyway!

Well, I know that the No1 resolution is to loose weight and, frankly, I don’t care about my weight, I care much more about being healthy…I know it’s an age thing! And by the way, when you are healthy, you often loose weight anyway. The difference is that weigth is not your focus, it’s one of the results.

Does that sound familiar when you use a business lense?

Remember I said before you don’t start a business to make money but because you love doing what you do…money is only one of the results of doing what you love. Your focus is loving what you do!

So that is my New Year resolution:

I will do what I love! and I will be happy about it.

You know, that reminds me of my daughter’s question about what program to apply to at University. She was not happy about my answer, which was:

P: Honey, do what ever you love to do!

B: But mom, I love many things so I don’t know! You’re not helping here mommy!

P: OK. So just apply to the program you think you love and I can tell you from experience that you will know really soon if you really like it! The worst that can happen is that you loose a few months. It’s not bad to identify what your really love!

B: Mom! You are so bad and not helping me! But let me think about it.

P: Always a pleasure Hon!

I know I can be a pest (lol) but you know what? My daughter took more time to decide what she thinks she wants to do with her life and decided on a program that I actually think is the right program for her.

A little more pondering before making a decision never hurts…just don’t take too long because, there is always a deadline somewhere and you miss the boat!


Take a little time to think about what you would like your Year 2016 to be like and what you can do to make it happen.

I can give you a hint that will help you, as it helped me alot…attitude.

Your attitude is what makes 99% of your life easier or harder…and yes easier said than done and I don’t know you but you don’t know me either. I can only tell you that my life was not always easy and I had and will have my share of challenges but I learned over the years that my attitude was either making me miserable when I was negative or making me stronger when I was taking the challenge positively.

You can be what you want…

And you can do whatever you want. That is your decision. It is in your control. Never forget this.

I wish you the year you deserve to have!


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