My Top 5 Entrepreneur Bedside Story Books

My Top 5 Entrepreneur Bedside Story Books

Successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common…

They read books. Tons of them. they read them or they listen to audio books…but they read because they want to improve their skills.

I have some favourite books lately and they are a must when you want to start your journey as an entrepreneur:

1- Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

That is a most read. If there is only one book that you have to read, for me it’s this one. It explains really well the difference between an the mentality of an employee and of an entrepreneur. It also shows us that we can all take control of our life.

2- Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

This is another book that is a must…and on top of that, you can download a free version from the internet. I’m always amazed that success principles from the 1930’s are still relevant nowadays.

For women, the Napoleon Hill Foundation published an adapted version in 2014 called Think and Grow Rich for Women from Sharon Lechter.

3- Three Feet From Gold – Sharon Lechter and Greg S. Reid

This is another book from the Napoleon Hill Foundation which talks about the journey of Greg Reid to learn and apply the Think and Grow Rich principles. This is a nice story that reads really well.

4- Money. Master The Game – Tony Robbins

I just can’t ignore this great book about managing your money and attain financial freedom.

5- Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing – Robert Kiyosaki

Last one but not least…if you are up to a financial education challenge, this is THE BOOK! More challenging to read, specially parts 3 and 4 but a true eye opener if you want to take your financial security and freedom to the next level.


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