Not Difficult To Follow But Easy To Forget

Not Difficult To Follow But Easy To Forget

A few months ago I was at a book fair.

I like books and I like going to fairs where you can actually talk to the authors and understand why they wrote their book.  Always expect a surprising conversation from them.

In one of the educational kiosks, and came across the following fridge magnet (it’s a huge one!):

10 secrets to succeed with your life

and they are cool and easy secrets that we just forgt about easily but can make a lot of positiveness in your life. So here goes the secrets:

1. Enthusiasm should be a habit for you

2. Focus on who you want to become

3. Innovate by believing in yourself

4. Have a precise target date to reach your objectives

5. Visualise your objectives being accomplished

6. Formulate your objectives as positive affirmations

7. Be yourself without after thoughts

8. Take the time to appreciate the journey you have gone through so far and celebrate your progress

9. Do your best and don’t settle for less

10. Do it now!

See! Not difficult to follow but yes easy to forget!

Don’t forget it!


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