Not In the Mood Without Ronaldo

Not In the Mood Without Ronaldo

That’s what some French supporters must’ve said after the finale yesterday!

France had everything to win but, for some reason, when Ronaldo left the game, they didn’t want to win anymore!!!

It’s like their game plan included Ronaldo and I’m sure they would’ve win with him on the turf….but the French team didn’t expect not to have Ronaldo.

And for some reason, the team that was most affected by Ronaldo’s injury was not Portugal but France.

That’s when you realize that sometimes things that happen don’t have the effect you would expected.

Same thing in life and in business. It’s great to have a game plan but if you can’t adjust your plan easily and take into consideration some surprised shift in the ┬ámarket, you’re doomed, like the France team!

Think about it. Be flexible and always keep your senses open to the change of wind.


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