Positive Or Negative, You Have The Choice

Positive Or Negative, You Have The Choice

You have the choice to take your life positively or negatively.

I know it may be an over simplification but, maybe not.

Because for anything happening to us in life, we have 2 choices, take it with a positive twist or a negative twist.

Let me explain. Today I don’t feel like doing anything…I could take that negatively and say that I’m a lazy b… and eat all day watching tv.  Then I would feel bad the next day….or I can say:

“OK! I don’t feel like doing anything today but is there things that I actually would like to do anyway? Writing! I love writing!”

See I can be negative and feel miserable or positive and actually look further inside of me if I’d like to do something I like.

You can apply that in every aspects of your life. Yourself, your family, your work, your friends…

So make the choice to be positively happy today!


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