Reality Check! You’re Not Alone

Reality Check! You're Not Alone

It’s always good to have a reality check once in awhile.

Last night during one of our webinars, we started talking about the acceptability of internet entrepreneurship.

What do I mean by that?

Simply put, how many of your family, relatives, friends and colleagues believe you’re crazy to be doing internet marketing?

I’m sure it’s the majority of them. Sadly! And I understand that you can be frustrated about that, but you know…


Last night that’s what one of our partners realized…she was not alone fighting for her dream. She was not alone to hear the mockery and she now knows that she has a strong team of partners who will help her accessing her dream. Freedom to do what she loves.

And yes the nasty comments will continue, the despair in the tone will continue. Any set back will be put in her face.

Comments like: “You know you’re crazy, just get a job. A real one!”

But now my partner knows that she has a support group to help her when she’s unsure of her future. And that’s important to raise her confidence and bring her to the next level in her life.

Believe me you’re not alone and you have support, know it and live it.


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