Recycle Your Business Tools – Not That Easy Lately

Recycle Your Business Tools - Not That Easy Lately

Sometimes you like one of your business tool but it doesn’t work anymore for your business. What do you do?

I’m a fan of recycling but with electronics, it’s often so expensive to repair that you have no other choice than to replace.

The electronic market is that way. It’s called “obsolescence”…and it’s applied to many products such as cells, computers, tv, fridge, washer and dryer and microwave oven to name a few.

Companies are now building products so they break at one point, much faster than their normal usage life. Some companies actually have “planned obsolescence”. They ensure that their products will not last more than x years so they have to be replaced.

So cashing! cashing! We are paying way more for products that used to last a long time before…I remember my 25 years old tv or 10 years old computer, that was the good times!

Now that’s sad to know that we are the victims of companies that want to make more and more money at our expenses…They are like a blackwhole!

For example, I had a cell that is a big part of my business (can’t do business without it!) and its batterie started to act up and I had to recharge it twice a day 14 months after I bought it…that’s not cool in business. But guess what?

I couldn’t get a new battery for my perfectly good cell as it was so expensive since the cell was already discontinued (after 1 year and a bit!) that it was easier and cheaper to replace my cell with a new one!

I also have a dishwasher that is about 20 years old, and you know what? it works perfectly and I don’t want to change it to another one just for fun. Plus I have many friends who bought new dishwashers and theirs only lasted a couple of years!

I hate paying for nothing!

So stick to your old stuff as long as you can because you may have to replace them many times in the near future.

I feel better now after telling my frustrations! Boy have to like writing! Feel so good! It’s therapeutic, I tell you!

Enjoy your day!


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