Second Slow Challenging Step to Become a Millionnaire

Second Slow Challenging Step to Become a Millionnaire

Today, this is a really wide subject, but let’s talk briefly (this subject is so wide, I could write, and will write later, a post about each example I’m giving you) about the second slow challenging step to become a millionnaire, ¬†which is:

Give more than you receive and always look for ways to add value to those around you

Give and you will receive. This is one of the laws of attraction.


One of the ways to give more in business is to write to your customers on a daily basis. Write emails, on Facebook, Instagram or on a blog. Write about your business experience. The challenges you are having. The great success you encountered. This is one way of giving value to your customers.


When you are selling a product, include bonuses with your main product. It can be a report, 15 minute free coaching. Give more.

Special Customer Program

You value your customers. Show them by reducing the price of your product if they register to your club, let’s say. Have a frequent buyer program with reduced prices. This has the potential to retain your customer, to attract loyalty to your product.

Customer Service

Have a great customer service. Be there for your customer. You can outsource this service. Ensure that the service responds to your high level customer service standards.

Fast Delivery

When you sell products, delivery of the product is important. Promise good, deliver great.


People love to learn. Provide training, coaching, mentoring services. This is another way to keep your customers.


Those examples are only few ideas to add value to your business.

See you tomorrow for the third step.




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