Sense8 Gay Rating is Pure Marketing for Netflix

Sense8 Gay Rating is Pure Marketing for Netflix

Is it a question of audience?

I don’t know if it’s the same in the US but here in Canada, Netflix rated Sense8 in the LGBT section. If you look at the synopsis of this serie, it is much more a psychological and science-fiction serie…and if you know the Wachowskis (not personally but what they did – the Matrix, V for Vendetta, Jupiter Ascending, to name a few) are not really gay movies.

Yes I know that the 2 are transgenders but do we have to categorize their movies by their sexuality or by their actual work. That is a good question…also a good marketing question.

And because sexual orientation can be a touchy subject, any marketing based on that can go either way, good or bad. I think Netflix rated Sense8 the way they did for pure provocation.¬†Anyway, I actually liked this serie and the psycho-sci-fi twist it has, I didn’t really care about the 2 same-sex couples as this is not the focus of the serie but the link between 8 people and I can’t wait for season 2…and btw, we are in 2016, time to open minds to our differences…my opinion.

However, I would suggest not to provoke too much the way Netflix did unless you are ready to respond to the tons of complaints you may get. If you are ready, go for it, if not, provoking may just weaken you.

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