Send Me Your Income Tax Return

Send Me Your Income Tax Return

I was talking last week about that guy asking me to send him a pdf version of my income tax return….

Well it looks like it is starting to be trendy to ask that question in mlm. Some of my partners got it in the last few days.

I wonder why?

There’s that rule in work life, at least that’s how it has been for me and my parents and their parents, that you don’t discuss income or salary. It’s something that is private.

And frankly, I like this rule because you don’t compare yourself with someone else. So you don’t envy the person and you can focus on your own income. That’s healty for me.

I try to be better than me, to improve myself, not competing against someone else.

So the next time someone asks you how much you’re making, just ask them how much they are making themselves, and slide your website link….I’m sure they will not respond back to you and if they look at your business, bonus!


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