I Spare You Today, No Lex Subject, Just Pure Marketing Tip

I Spare You Today, No Lex Subject, Just Pure Marketing Tip

Oh I meant no $ex subject…

But you knew what I meant. Today, let’s talk about one of my favorite entrepreneurship topics…yes consistency! What would I be if I was not talking about this?

And I know that it is a difficult topic, specially that we are mid-May and thinking about our upcoming vacations. I know, I know, I’m guilty of thinking about my vacations too. Can’t wait for July!

However, being consistent in business, specially in network marketing, can be easy when we know how to automate most of the boring tasks we have to repeat daily…yes you heard me…you can automate and be consistent! Isn’t it lovely!

The only thing I keep for myself and it’s not that difficult because it helps me mentally, yes it’s vital for my sanity now (LOL!), is writing. The rest, I have others doing it, like lead generation and coaching and mentoring – I actually like doing coaching and mentoring once in awhile. Must be an age thing! I also don’t do any of the administrative stuff.

I could do the stuff I gave away but I would not have time for myself…and probably would not be able to be consistent in all business aspects, so this is a choice…a survival choice.

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