The 3Ms of Network Marketing

The 3Ms of Network Marketing

The 3Ms are…Mother, Monster, Man!

LOL! Joking!

More seriously, when you are in business you have to promote your business or you die! That’s the plain truth! No promotion, no business!

There is a secret recipe that has been developped over the years in marketing and that is the 3Ms of marketing:

Market, Message and Medium. In that order!

And that is logical. Let’s see:

When you are in business you have to identify your market so you can target it with your promotion. We all have different niches such as home business for women over 50. Hey! that’s me!

So if you want to target me and people like me, you have to create a message that will resonate with me. You can use surveys; look at what other entrepreneurs in the same niche are doing; you can contact me and others like me and do a focus group to find out what is my weak spot, what will make me buy from you. There are many ways to find out what I like!

When you have your market and your message, you have to find out how to reach me…that is the medium. Chances are that I’m on social medias, as many people 50+ are there. I also like to read emails and articles, blogs. So you may use different media to reach me. It’s your choice, and you have to try many media.

Once you have identified all the elements of the 3Ms that are perfect for your business, you apply the recipe and voila!

And remember, always adjust your 3Ms based on results…this is important…always test and adapt your recipe for the best cake!

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