The 5B Advantages of Joining a Business’ First Wave

The 5B Advantages of Joining a Business' First Wave

Like Forest Gump with Apple, it is great to have the opportunity to join a group of leaders at the beginning of their journey.


Here are 5B advantages why:

1) Benefit from the early wave

When you have the chance to find a great new business, you benefit from the early wave, that is, you are one of the first ones promoting the new business. Think how your life would’ve been if you were there and actively participating in the beginnings of Amway, Herbalife, Melaleuca, Usana, Mobe, Empower Network, etc…

I can just imagine!

2) Beat the tsunami

When you are part of the beginning of a new business, you beat the tsunami of upcoming new customers and you benefit from it. New customers start slowly being part of a new business, than, if the business is strong, the word of mouth goes really fast (I love internet for that), the number of new customers goes exponentially, like a tsunami and you have tons of new customers who want to be part of the new business.

I remember when Empower Network started, everybody wanted to join after awhile because they heard so much about it.

3) Be part of the leaders’ club

This is a great advantage when you start early with a new business because, if the founders are renowned, you will benefit from their expertise and knowledge. How come?

Because, at the beginning of a journey, founders are more available to new entrepreneurs as they want to build their business in priority so it becomes viable, therefore they take the time to explain how it works to new customers in the hope that they will be active and spread the good news! Simple as that!

So take advantage of this. It is a great benefit.

4) Become a leader

And guess what, if you have the chance to be part of the leaders’s club, you may become a leader yourself. That is, if you want that and if you love that.

You are the master of your destiny!

5) Become a brand

Lastly, becoming a brand is what happens when you are a leader! People see you as the person to follow because you showed that what you do works. Think of Richard DeVos of Amway, Mark Hughes of Herbalife, Frank VanderSloot of Melaleuca, Matt Lloyd of M.O.B.E., the 2 Daves of Empower Network, and many more.


…and guess what? Right now, leaders of network marketing are following Michael Force’s new baby, Digital Altitude. It’s a secret but if you go to my FB page and look at some of my streams, you will see names of leaders who are (or were) involved with M.O.B.E., Empower Network, Usana, etc…who embarked in Michael’s new project that was launched on March 1st.

And we are at the beginning, so the leaders are following a leader because they see the great potential and the tsunami is coming soon. The proof:

I want to congratulate the 7 new members of my team for the day (writing this post at noon on April 13th)…they made the right choice.

Sandra B
Yvonne W
Drukarl R
Matthew N
Tim M
Lindsay L
Michael P

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