The Best Place in Town

The Best Place in Town

Where is the best place in town for you?

It depends on what you like the most…Do you like culture, sports, going out with friends, etc.

We all have a best place in our town and it’s all personal. For me, the best place in my town, Ottawa, is what we call the Market. The Market is really touristic but it also have that atmosphere from an other age. There are wonderful restaurants and boutiques and you can hear many different languages…plus, since the Ottawa University is close, you have many young people. Just a great atmosphere to be immerged into.

The question for you is: Do you have a favorite place, where you feel great? for leisure or for work.

Some questions you can ask yourself about a working environment:

Do you also have a favorite working environment?

Where would be the best place for you to work?

What type of work would you like to do?

Are there specific elements that are absolutely mandatory for you in a working environment?

For me, my favorite working environment must be friendly and stimulating.  When I was working for the Canadian Government, some colleagues were laughing at me because I was always tring to have a friendly and stimulating environment…

Why were they laughing?

Because the competitive environment in the government was creating cliques and favoratism. People were not working as a team but would try to prove how good they are, that they got the best ideas and they would steal ideas from co-workers. They pretended to work as team but the knifes in the back were always close by.

So did I like working for the Canadian Government? Yes and No.

Yes because I learned alot and I met great colleagues, because you know, some colleagues were like me…team oriented…and they had the same problems I got, such as being ignored for projects and promotions because we were not part of the clique. (that’s the No part)

I learned and grew from the experience and that allowed me to sketch myself, I now know what my limits are as far as work is concerned. I know what I want and what I don’t want in my life.

What I want is independence and harmony between work and life. Yes the famous work life balance.

What are you looking for in a work environment? Give me your comments.



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