The Guy Who Tried To Sell Me an Igloo in Quebec

The Guy Who Tried To Sell Me an Igloo in Quebec

You know we all need change sometimes.

For me, it is time to change my satellite dish to a fiber optic system for my TV, my phone and my many laptops, tablets and phones!

So on Monday, of course I contacted my phone/TV/Internet company for the changes and, the guy on the phone is really friendly. I love those people…and it’s funny, I don’t know why, the client service reps that are mostly chatty with me are always men. Go figure!

So he talked to me about my plan, about his family, about the new plan, about his favorite place for vacation, about the savings I will be making with the new plan…all that during about half an hour. The guy was so chatty that my daughter thought I was talking to a friend and asked me who it was!

When we spoke about installation, I told him that we should wait until mid-May so that they can dig more than 2-3 feet deep in my backyard as it should not be frozen by then…he started to laugh about the frozen backyard and told me that he came to work in a skidoo because there was much snow where he is (north of Quebec City) and that he was living in an igloo! I laughed so hard!! He told me that some people are naive enough to believe him!

You know what? I have a brand new comms plan for my home and I had a great time talking to the sales rep. It’s fun to do business with people who have great sense of humour…and I’m sure he sells a lot of new products because he’s so friendly and genuine.

You have to appreciate people who love client service and are good at it.

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