The Lady Tattooed on Her Car Doesn’t Make Big Business Here

The Lady Tattooed on Her Car Doesn't Make Big Business Here

I walk everyday in my neighbourhood and I noticed something puzzling lately.

There are a few houses for sale. A really visible real estate agent lives here. No houses for sale are by her.

Why is that? I’m puzzled!

Is it because she drives around with her face tattooed on both of her cars?

Is it because she distributes her business card every week in the neighbourhood?

Is it because she has an ad on each and every mailbox in the neighbourhood?

Do people feel that she is harrassing them?

Is too much like not enough?

Maybe that’s what it is…over exposure. One of the keys to successful marketing is dosage. When you see or hear an ad over and over and over again, you shut down your mind and you ignore it. So the ad has the opposite effect of what it supposed to have. People are turned off if you over do it.

That’s what my neighbour does…and I understand her because real estate is a difficult business. She wants to find her niche but she has to learn how to get it…and overdoing her marketing is just not helping her.

In any business, the key to find your niche is to do what you like and to be genuine about it. Don’t over do it, don’t fake enthusiasm…it just doesn’t work. People figure you out sooner or later.

Remember that!

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