The Naked Truth About Nature

The Naked Truth About Nature

It’s always cool to see nature waking up.

I decided on Thursday to take a walk in the woods near my home. Wanted to test my ankle with the roots, the rocks, the mud and the sloppy slopes.  Cross country fast walking. The fun stuff is that the trees have still no leaves yet, except for the rare pine trees. So the woods look naked. They are just starting to get some green on the soil. There’s not even a flower blossoming yet. We had a cold spring. So the nature is delayed by few weeks.

What is good whe I walk in the woods, is that I have to focus on where I’m walking so I don’t fall. That is a good exercise for my business mind.

Yes, true, it’s a good exercise for my business. I learn to focus on a single activity at a time and I go through it faster and better. By training my brain to focus, I now have less times when my mind is like a little butterfly going from flowers to flowers. I’m not all over the map.

So if you want to focus on your business, learn to focus on your feet when you walk. It’s not as easy as you may think because our mind have a tendency to go all over the map but if you can train yourself to focus, you will be more consistent in your business and in your life.

Try it!

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