The Rich Complex And It’s Cure From Just For Laugh Creator

The Rich Complex And It's Cure From Just For Laugh Creator

Why do we have that complex towards riches?

I was listening to the radio this morning (like most mornings) and Gilbert Rozon, a successful Quebec businessman (Just for Laugh Festival and much more initiatives) was asked by the journalist why he liked money? (as if liking money is punisheable and anybody liking money should go to Hell!!!)

Rozon explained how when he was a kid, his family was not rich. They had food at the table and a roof over their head and that was it. When he started as a Mass server for the catholic church at a young age, he started making money and realized all the things that money could buy.

Getting older, he saw the freedom that money was giving him. As an example, he told the journalist that he was happy to be able to see 7 shows on Broadway when in NYC without a whole in his budget. For him, that is freedom and happiness.

Rozon said that people in Quebec should stop treating successful persons as if they were bad people.

And you know what?

He’s right! We should not envy others for their success and “badmouthing” them because they have money and they will therefore go to Hell!

Money is just the tool that you get to be free…and if you enjoy what you’re doing while getting it, why not?

So be proud to be successful and to be free…and forget about the old catholic way of thinking. We all deserve to get our freedom.


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