The Walmart Effect…I Shiver Just Thinking About It!

The Walmart Effect...I Shiver Just Thinking About It!

I listen to the radio everyday, specially talk shows.

It’s a great way for me to get the pulse of the people in my city and my country and I learn alot that way.

So I was listening a few days ago to 2 economists talking about the new minimum wage battle around the world. Right now in California there’s the Fight For 15 movement to increase the minimum wage to 15$ by 2020. There is also some movements in the UK and in Germany…and based on the 2 analysts on the talk show, the tendency is spreading in the industrialized world.

Why does this relate to Walmart, you ask?

Actually alot in what is happening in California, from what the 2 economists were saying.  Did you hear about the donation campaign that Walmart was doing at Thanksgiving so that Walmart’s clients could donate money towards a turkey for Walmart employees who couldn’t afford it?

Also, are you aware that Walmart, in addition to giving minimal wage to their employees, is giving minimal hours to them so they are not eligible to get benefits?

Lastly, do you know that because of this whole twisted financial manigance, Walmart staff often have to use food banks to survive?

And, really lastly, have you seen Walmart’s profits?

My stomach is just turning upside down and I shiver of despair!!!

Why? Because Walmart calls their employees ASSOCIATES!


At least, in my world of network marketing, when you are an affiliate, you know where you stand…you are an ENTREPRENEUR!


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