The Walmart Effect – Part 2 – I Am Appalled!


Wow! I couldn’t believe the impact made by my post about Walmart!

And that’s just by talking about the truth!

So thank you all for reading me. I appreciated it. It’s cool.

You know, Walmart is not my favourite store as here, in Quebec, they closed several stores when employees…sorry associates wanted to get the union in place. Walmart gave them a choice, reject union and have a job or being unionized and Walmart would close the store so the employees would loose their job.

I know, you’ll say Quebec people are complainers but we have great people like Celine Dion, Guy Laliberte (founder of Cirque du Soleil), Simple Plan, Jay Baruchel, Gino Vanelli and my 2 favorites, Leonard Cohen and William Shatner (yes the real Captain Kirk!)…and, and, where was I?

Oh yes, Quebec people being complainers and we have strong unions That’s just a myth, a fairy tale…like any people, we just want to be treated fairly.

That’s why I was appalled when I heard the Walmart stories on the radio last week. I couldn’t believe that a company could treat their employees like that (sorry again – their associates!).

Walmart employees around the world should demand to be treated better. Employees are Walmart’s NO1 asset and they deserve better.

That’s my ranting for the day!

Enough talking about Walmart…They don’t deserve more ink from me.


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