Things Happen for a Reason…Sometimes

Things Happen for a Reason...Sometimes

I heard that one today while listening to a webinar…the person was talking about that one day when she was preparing dinner and for no particular reason, she fell on the floor and broke her wrist. She said that she was in the safest place possible but this happened to her anyway. So she went to the hospital and after the examination and treatment, the doctor told her that something was wrong with her heart.  The fall happened for a reason!

That brought me back more than three years ago when I actually did the same thing and fell in my parking. I broke my ankle.  And now, three years later, I know that this was my destiny. I had to go through this fall and borken bones to realize that I had to change my life. And I did but it took roughly 18 months of transition to make the full change and be grateful about the change I made.

Do you have those types of warning? Maybe not has serious as a broken bone but do you sense sometimes that you are missing something. That you are in the wrong place? That you have to change something?

 I think that those events are telling us to get out of our comfort zone and move on with better things for our life. They are signs that are urging us to act…but how to decide to follow that instinct? How do I know that I have to move on?

Here are some tips from Natalie Bounassar that can help you make an enlightened decision and step outside your comfort zone for a better life:

1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

To step outside of your comfort zone, first understand what makes you comfortable. What’s your security blanket and what do you shy away from? Perhaps it’s people. Perhaps you have a best friend who you do everything with. Perhaps it’s a certain skill set that you frequently use or a job you’ve stayed at out of familiarity. Identify things you cling to and what makes you nervous.

2. Seek opportunities to improve skills

You’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses. Now, and you’re not going to like this, you have to have to head toward the thing that makes you most nervous. For me, it was leaving the comfortable job. Maybe for you it’s public speaking or taking a class. Or maybe, it’s finding a new job. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable. That’s the only way to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Babying a previously broken limb only weakens it more. It needs use.

3. Reach for goals

People can set immediate, intermediate and stretch goals, all in varying degrees of difficulty and time range for achievement. This is the time to keep longer range goals in mind. Often to achieve these goals, people have to step outside of their comfort zone. Keep in mind what you’re aiming to achieve. This will motivate you to take chances. Don’t be intimidated by hard work: That’s how you score results.

4. Remember nothing is permanent

In the  search for the right decision, people often paint their options as being the “final decision.” But almost nothing is final. Always remember that no matter what you do, you’re not stuck. Even certain contracts can be voided. And if a decision means you are committing to doing something for several years, that’s OK, too. That stretch of time is just a drop in the bucket.

Keep perspective. Very few decisions are permanent. Keeping this in mind helps alleviate some of the pressure brought to the decision-making process. I also don’t believe in mistakes — only learning experiences.

5. Have a good support system

I have friends and family in whom I can confide. I have trusted them and their opinions, and they have served as good sounding boards for me. They were able to be rational when my emotions were flaring. They helped me to weigh the pros and the cons of my decision objectively. Don’t deploy an army, but a few trusted advisors can really help provide perspective and give you the motivational push you need.


Remember, everything that happens to you serves to teach you something. Whatever choice you make will be the right choice for that moment.


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