This is Not Shangri-La

This is Not Shangri-La

Nope, it’s a much better world than Shangri-La!

We are living in a really exciting world with so many possibilities for who dare to take some calculated risks.

Imagine! We are living in a world where poor can become rich and rich can become poor. There’s no barriers to block our dreams from becoming reality.

So don’t limit yourself to fluffy believes that do not pass the reality check…want examples of fluffy beliefs?

“I’m too old to understand internet and computers!”

Nonsense, nonsense…if my mom was able to learn computers and internet, literally anybody can learn it!

“I’m too old to learn anything new!”

That’s SOOO BS! But that’s proof that you are closer to death than I am! Learning is keeping me young!

“I don’t have the money to start a business.”

Nowadays, you don’t even need money to start a business. The virtuality of internet gives you so much more flexibility. You may need more time but there are so many examples of people who started just with an idea and the belief that their idea was good and worthed.

So those are just 3 fluffy excuses…I can find a whole house full of fluffy excuses but I think you get my point….

It all depends on YOU!

Think about it and take your life where you want it to go.


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