This is Restricted To Your Imagination

This is Restricted To Your Imagination

Why is imagination personified as a kid looking at a dinosaur?

I was watching a scientific show on Sunday and that was the image they used to talk about imagination…and of course I got upset (for no reason!) but because why can’t I have imagination, why can’t you have imagination?

Yes that’s right, apparently adults can’t imaginate anything because we’re too old according to that show! BS!

But you know, there’s a business lesson to learn here:

Keep your kid’s heart if you want to succeed in business!

That’s right, don’t try to fit in! Don’t be like all the other entrepreneurs, be yourself and you will succeed.

That’s called branding yourself!

And branding is important nowadays when there are so many young wolves in the business pack, and many business packs!

Your imagination and being yourself is what will make you in business.

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